Green Plan and

A Citizen's Initiative

The Ellsworth Green Plan has been prepared, from the very first discussion in January of 2018 which led to the document you can access below, with input from hundreds of stakeholders, including content experts, business owners, university faculty, state and federal agency representatives, municipal officials, non-profit advocates, community group participants, parents, teachers, students, and other interested residents and invested area members. It was conceived as a citizen's initiative and it remains one.

Prior to finalizing the document, we are moving into a final public consultation process. Please scroll down for the public consultation video recordings.

This section also contains links both within this sentence and below to the full document, the Table of Contents and opening sections, individual chapters (Citizen's Summary and Introduction, Water, Land, Food and Farming, Infrastructure, Chapter Five and Conclusion) , Recommendations/Appendices, and supporting materials (Water, Land, Food and Farming, and Infrastructure).

We welcome your input!

Please feel free to reach out to us at greenellsworth@gmail.org with any questions.

Final Public Consultation Process

All public consultation video recordings are listed below. Please note that the action team/focus area sessions are also available on their corresponding pages on this website, but the only location for the Zoom video recording from the Introduction on February 23 is here, below.

For more information, or for any questions, please email greenellsworth@gmail.org.

The Ellsworth Green Plan

Full Document

FM and TOC + chaps_FINAL_MB.pdf

Table of Contents and Opening Sections

FM and TOC for GP_FINAL_MB.pdf

Individual Chapters

EGP Citizen Summary and Introduction.pdf

Citizen's Summary and Introduction

Ch 1 GP_FINAL_MB.pdf

Chapter One- Water

Chapter Two- Land

Ch 3_FINAL MB.pdf
Ch 4 GP_FINAL MB.pdf

Chapter Three- Food and Farming

Chapter Four- Infrastructure

GP Chap 5 & Conclusion _FINAL MB.pdf

Chapter 5 and Conclusion

Recommendations (Appendices)

GP APPENDICES final MBcopy.pdf

Supporting Materials

Reader Input

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