Conserved Lands

Several subcommittees formed under the Ellsworth Green Plan Steering Committee, including Conserved Lands.

To learn more or volunteer with Conserved Lands, please contact the subcommittee chair, Aaron Dority, Executive Director of Frenchman Bay Conservancy.


Celebrating green spaces, trails, and water access as key to Ellsworth’s fishing, farming, and forestry heritage, and recognizing the current and future needs for the same as a key component to quality of life and a healthy local economy, the green spaces committee will create a plan to protect open space in Ellsworth and the corridors that connect them for people and nature, incorporating thinking about clean water, access to water bodies, wildlife habitat protection, greater opportunities for outdoor recreation and opportunities to travel around the downtown and outside without a car.

Focus Areas

  • Access to water
  • Protecting water quality
  • Habitat protection and preventing further landscape fragmentation
  • Opportunities for outdoor recreation
  • Opportunities for non-car transportation
  • Protecting farmland and open space
  • Climate resilience

Build Out Analysis

The Conserved Lands Subcommittee, Frenchman Bay Conservancy, and F.B. Environmental, in partnership with the City of Ellsworth, are creating a tool for the community to plan growth, development, and conservation.

This exercise will investigate:

  • Under current zoning, how much land is currently available for development?
  • How might the town’s appearance change over time?
  • What are the potential impacts from future development?

Conserved Lands in Ellsworth

Indian Point Preserve

Frenchman Bay Conservancy manages the Indian Point Preserve near Water Street in Ellsworth. A 1-mile wooded trail ends at a picnic area overlooking the Union River.

Woodlawn Museum

At Woodlawn Museum's historic 180-acre estate, the forest of Woodlawn Park shelters about 2.5 miles of trails for walking, running, snowshoeing, or skiing.


Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary manages 200 acres of woodland at Birdsacre, located on Route 3 in Ellsworth. A few miles of trails are open to the public year-round.

Branch Lake Public Forest

Managed by the City of Ellsworth, Branch Lake Public Forest on Route 1A helps protect the City's drinking water supply and provides miles of public trails.

Jordan Homestead

Frenchman Bay Conservancy protected the Jordan Homestead's 30 acres along the Union River and Whittaker Brook on Bayside Road in Ellsworth in 2017. They plan to build a trail network on the property that will connect to the Union River and Birdsacre trails.

Green Lake National Fish Hatchery

On Route 180 in Ellsworth, the Green Lake National Fish Hatchery raises Atlantic salmon. The property also features a 1.8 mile trail loop.