Parks & Greening

Several subcommittees formed under the Ellsworth Green Plan Steering Committee, including a subcommittee on Parks & Trees and a subcommittee on Greening Residential and Commercial Properties.

To learn more or volunteer with Parks or Greening, please contact the chair of both subcommittees, Mary Blackstone.


The Parks Subcommittee will develop a plan for strengthening the role and function of Ellsworth green spaces either formally designated as parks, used informally, or proposed.

The Greening Subcommittee will create a plan for public and private partners in maintaining green spaces and corridors that will provide not only social, cultural, economic and health benefits but also environmental benefits by increasing the cultivation of native plants, wildlife habitats and way-stations free of harmful herbicides and pesticides as well as the reduction of invasive species.

Parks Objectives

  1. Inventory public green spaces currently used formally or informally as parks and undertake a landscape survey linked to GIS maps. And assess gaps in the community where neighborhood access to green spaces or formal parks is inadequate.
  2. Undertake a survey of potential opportunities for street trees and provide a plan for street tree and other tree plantings within the City as well as recommendations for an improved tree ordinance and arbor commission.
  3. Consult broadly with the community and develop recommendations linked to timelines, responsible parties, and funding sources.
  4. Liaise with others to plan for green corridors and linked access between the city's neighborhoods and green spaces as well as the nature of city codes and ordinances with respect to fostering and preserving publicly accessible, functional green spaces which benefit both human inhabitants and the broader biodiversity and sustainability of our local environment.

Ellsworth Public Parks & Green Spaces

The Parks Subcommittee visited the parks below and others in Ellsworth as part of an initial site assessment. Click the links below to learn more about each park.