Walkability, Bikeability, &



"we move people"

“The vision” is to allow people to live a healthy, affordable, and enjoyable life and Ellsworth without the use of a personal automobile.

Goals of the Ellsworth green plan walk ability, bike ability and public transportation subcommittee “walk & roll Ellsworth” is to create a plan as well as incremental action steps to increase mobility, access to essential services, support economic development, access to employment opportunities and the livability of Ellsworth’s urban core. Through the focus of increasing walk ability, bike ability, wayfinding, and access and awareness to public transportation. With the recognition that personal automobiles are both not sustainable from traffic, parking and Financial standpoint or sustainable from a environmental standpoint.

The group will promote these activities as every day essential parts of transportation. As well as advocacy work for the interests of those who walk, cycle, or use or are in need of increased public transportation both within the urban core as well as transportation to other destinations within the state of Maine and internationally

The Walkability, Bikeability, and Transportation Subcommittee organized a public event to highlight the growing need for and popularity of car-free transportation.

Crosswalk Inventory

The Walkability, Bikeability, and Transportation Subcommittee inventoried the City's crosswalks, identifying public safety hazards and helping the City prioritize crosswalk re-painting.