Who We Are

Since our launch in 2017, Green Ellsworth has made significant progress in identifying and implementing green solutions for our community.

Please see some examples of our progress to date and contact info below.

State Rep. Nicole Grohoski speaks to residents at a forum hosted by the Ellsworth Green Action Team about a bill (now law) that would require corporations to pay for the management of the packaging waste they create that ends up in the municipal waste stream. (January 9, 2020; Credit Kate Cough/Ellsworth American)

Ellsworth's Green Progress

Public Forums

The Ellsworth Garden Club, in partnership with the Green Plan Steering Committee, hosted over 20 public forums on topics ranging from sustainable development to food systems. Input from the public forums informed the Ellsworth Green Plan.

Organic Lawn Care

In May 2017, the City of Ellsworth switched to an organic lawn care provider.

A Landscaping Model

The St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Ellsworth Garden Club, and Master Gardeners led by resident Reeser Manley partnered to create an ecologically-friendly landscape around the church.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In August 2018, the City of Ellsworth installed an electric vehicle charging station on Franklin Street in downtown Ellsworth.

Build Out Analysis

Frenchman Bay Conservancy worked with F.B. Environmental, the City of Ellsworth, and residents to develop a tool for the community to plan growth, development, and conservation.

Crosswalk Inventory

The Walkability, Bikeability, and Transportation Committee inventoried the City's crosswalks, identifying public safety hazards and helping the City prioritize crosswalk re-painting.

Plastic Bag Ordinance

The Waste Committee, part of the Ellsworth Green Action Team, proposed a city ordinance in 2019 to ban single-use plastic bags at Ellsworth store check outs. A new state law, informed in part by EGAT's work, resulted in a comprehensive ban effective July 1, 2021.

Tree Survey & Plan

The Green Spaces and Trees Committee with the assistance of College of the Atlantic students inventoried the city's trees and Tabatha White is leading a a group of residents to create a detailed plan to plant more trees across Ellsworth.

Watershed Survey

In the spring of 2021, the Water Quality Committee and the Branch Lake Association conducted a Branch Lake watershed survey overseen by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Farmer's Market

The Food and Farming Committee is assisting farmers with finding four-season market locations in downtown Ellsworth.

Union River Access

To inform their recommendations, the Our Union River Action Team surveyed the public on the amount and type of uses for the Union River in the City of Ellsworth. Take the access survey!


The Green Spaces and Trees Committee created lists of recommended plants, trees, and shrubs for durable, low maintenance, and attractive plantings in different habitats and conditions.

Branch Lake Water Quality

The Water Quality Committee is developing a plan with the City of Ellsworth to enhance the water quality testing program at Branch Lake.

Solar Planning

The Energy Committee, part of the Ellsworth Green Action Team, helped foster the city's decision to buy credits for all the power generated at a 29-acre solar power installation on the Mariaville Road.

Roadside Clean Up

The Waste Committee, part of the Ellsworth Green Action Team, partners annually with the City of Ellsworth to encourage residents to help clean up roadside litter in early spring.

Green Spaces Inventory

The Green Spaces and Trees Committee inventoried and undertook landscape surveys of all of the city's 60+ public green spaces.

Walk and Roll

The Walkability, Bikeability, and Transportation Committee organized a public event to highlight the growing need for and popularity of car-free transportation.

Harbor Park & Riverfront Trail

The City of Ellsworth expanded the walkway at Harbor Park as a step towards creating a riverfront trail and rekindling a waterfront.

Academic Analysis & Input

College of the Atlantic students studying land-use planning applied GIS skills and new urbanism to analyze how development on High Street and downtown can improve.

Union River Festival

The OUR Union River Committee organized a festival at the Ellsworth Waterfront Park, bringing together local music, food, organizations, and activities celebrating the Union River.


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