Ellsworth Green Action Team

Energy and Solid Waste are the focus of the Ellsworth Green Action Team (EGAT). They are one of 3 groups which contribute to the work of the Infrastructure Action Team.

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Our Mission:

We will assist the city government and its residents in assessing and implementing cost-effective reductions in energy use, especially from non-renewable energy sources.

Our Vision:

Ellsworth can assert itself as both an economic and environmental leader by prioritizing and promoting the reduction of energy use, especially from non-renewable sources, across its governmental, business, and private sectors. The city can make strategic long-term investments to both save taxpayer dollars and switch to renewable energy sources. Ellsworth will continue to be an attractive destination for the businesses and families of the 21st century.

We can assist the city, its businesses, and residents by providing high-quality information and programs about energy efficiency and renewable energy use, for both buildings and vehicles. We will research and promote large and small scale solutions to help businesses and residents save money, live comfortably, and reduce non-renewable energy use.

Action Areas





Actions to date

Weatherize Ellsworth, summer 2018: By signing up for energy audits, air sealing, insulation, or other energy efficiency work done on their homes through this initiative, residents of Ellsworth received both rebates from Efficiency Maine and additional cost savings by partaking in group purchasing. EGAT helped the Natural Resources Council of Maine and the City of Ellsworth to promote this initiative. Penobscot Home Performance of Bucksport was the selected contractor. Participants are immediately saving money on their heating/cooling costs in both the winter and summer.

Municipal solar advocacy, ongoing: For several years, EGAT encouraged the City of Ellsworth to install solar energy on municipal property to cover the expected electrical needs of the municipal government. This would not only help meet the challenges of climate change but would also save the taxpayer money. Instead, in late 2020, the City contracted with SunRaise Investments to install solar arrays sufficient to cover the electrical needs of City government, including schools and wastewater systems. The City will save millions of taxpayer dollars by purchasing credits for the electricity put into the grid at the SunRaise sites on Mariaville Road. In this arrangement, the City is the financier of the solar development but does not retain the "renewable energy credits" and thus is not considered powered by solar energy. Fortunately, the solar arrays are helping to reduce fossil fuel use and can provide resilience for our local grid.

EV Charging Stations: Did you know there are two charging sites in Ellsworth? Thanks to the City of Ellsworth, A Climate to Thrive, and Tradewinds, there are charging stations at 59 Franklin Street and at Tradewinds at 357 State Street. See a more complete map of charging options for your travels at PlugShare. While not EGAT initiatives, we promote and research efficacy of and improvements to EV options in Ellsworth.

Continuing and future action areas

Reduce building energy use through weatherization and efficiency:

    • Weatherization of buildings to reduce energy costs and increase comfort

    • Promote livable temperature adjustments in hottest and coldest months

    • Promote energy-efficient light sources and appliances

    • Promote off-peak energy use by homeowners

Research and promote viable local renewable energy sources:

    • Municipal solar to reduce long-term electricity costs to the city

    • Community or individual solar for businesses or houses

    • Small-scale wind turbines

    • Tidal energy in Union River Bay

Vehicle emissions and associated fuel costs:

    • Reduction where possible in the city vehicle fleet

    • Promote individual use of more fuel-efficient vehicles

    • Promote reductions in personal vehicle use

    • Assess use of existing charging stations and demand for more

Solar Energy for Ellsworth

There are three types of projects that EGAT encourages for the City of Ellsworth:

Municipal Solar

Solar arrays installed on municipal property to address the energy needs of municipalities and save taxpayers money on electricity. They also create green jobs and contribute to the economy while reducing the use of fossil fuels and their impacts on the environment.


Community Solar

An array installation facilitated by a municipality (or other entity) in order to bring the solar electricity option to residents who for one reason or another cannot install a solar array where they live.


Solarize Ellsworth

A group purchasing plan to help local property owners install solar arrays on their properties at lower cost than they could do as individuals.


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