Food & Farming Committee

Anyone interested in food, farming, agriculture, and food systems is welcome to join our committee.

To learn more or volunteer with Food & Farming, please contact the Food and Farming chair, Julie Daigle.

Eating and sleeping are the foundations of doing and being-
- Candis Cantin


  • To support the food and fiber needs of residents and visitors

  • To enhance local and regional environmental conditions and the natural resource base upon which agriculture and the economy depend

  • To integrate natural biological cycles and controls whenever possible and encourage best practices

  • To sustain the economic viability of farm operations in such a way that quality of life for everyone is improved.


A a thriving community of urban and rural homesteaders, gardeners and farmers who practice sustainable agriculture in a supportive municipal environment, creating a balanced ecosystem of business, government, and personal achievement that improves lives and the lives of future generations in this area.

*Bottommost photos on this page from the Blue Hill Farmer's Market, courtesy of Julie Daigle