Walkability, Bikeability, &
Transportation Committee

"We move people"

Our vision

to allow people to live a healthy, affordable, and enjoyable life in Ellsworth without the use of a personal automobile through improved facilities for walking, biking, and public transit. If citizens find it necessary to use a vehicle, we want to minimize the congestion and pollution that results from road traffic, while maximizing pedestrian and bicyclist safety and better management of stormwater run-off from roadways and parking areas.


Our "Walk & Roll Ellsworth" objectives are to create a plan as well as incremental action steps that will result in:

  • increased mobility and access to essential services;

  • economic development and access to employment opportunities;

  • improved livability for Ellsworth’s urban core.

We advocate on behalf of those who walk, cycle, use or are in need of increased public transportation both within the urban core as well as to other destinations within the state of Maine or further afield. We promote walking and biking as everyday essential parts of transportation, and we seek to increase such activities in the community. We also educate the public about the unsustainable aspects of depending on personal automobiles: for example, traffic congestion, environmental degradation, personal and public expense, and the aesthetic and environmental impacts of parking.

The Walkability, Bikeability, and Transportation committee organized a public event to highlight the growing need for and popularity of car-free transportation.

Crosswalk Inventory

The Walkability, Bikeability, and Transportation committee inventoried the City's crosswalks, identifying public safety hazards and helping the City prioritize crosswalk re-painting.