Food and Farming Action Team

The Food and Farming Action Team has a shared community vision to support the food needs of the Ellsworth area in an equitable and sustainable way; to enhance local and regional environmental conditions and the natural resource base upon which agriculture and the economy depend; to integrate natural biological cycles/controls whenever possible and encourage the best practices which result in a food system that is resilient;; to sustain the economic viability of a diversity of farm operations in such a way that quality of life for everyone is improved; and to be supportive of new, health-promoting, food systems-related opportunities. *This is in alignment with the goals articulated in 2010 by the following organizations: the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Nurses Association, American Planning Association, and American Public Health Association

To achieve this, we bring together farmers, gardeners, educators, parents, non-profit advocates, business owners, local, state, and federal agency representatives, municipal officials, residents, visitors, and more to the Ellsworth area under the umbrella of community, working toward shared municipal and regional goals.

*photo from a blueberry farm on Route 1A, courtesy of Julie Daigle