Green Spaces & Trees

The Green Spaces and Trees Committee is concerned with fostering a sustainable and interconnected network of public and private (both residential and commercial) green spaces. A subgroup is specifically focused on increasing Ellsworth's tree canopy and developing an urban forestry program to plan and maintain the trees we plant.

To learn more or volunteer with this committee, please contact Mary Blackstone (Green Spaces) or Tabatha White (Trees).

Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Both the citizens and visitors to Ellsworth will have access to a network of public and private green spaces and corridors, a diversity of formally designed parks, tree-lined and landscaped streets and less formally maintained green spaces. This green infrastructure will serve all neighborhoods and citizens with social, cultural, economic and health benefits while also providing environmental services through the retention of stormwater and increasing the diversity of native plants, wildlife habitats, and way-stations free of harmful herbicides and pesticides.

The Green Spaces Committee will implement an action plan for enhancing the functionality, attractiveness and maintenance of Ellsworth's public and private green spaces. This includes returning a tree-lined canopy to Ellsworth's major streets and an urban forestry plan to protect established heirloom trees and care for new plantings. Implementing these action plans will involve a partnership including City government, local non-profits and businesses as well as citizen donors and volunteers drawn from the extended community.

Our Actions

Actions Accomplished or Ongoing-

Join Us to Keep the Ball Rolling!

  1. The City of Ellsworth shifted its lawn maintenance contract to an organic company in May 2017.

  2. Develop and maintain an inventory with related GIS map of public green spaces used formally or informally as parks and undertake regular surveys of these spaces to monitor maintenance requirements and enhancement opportunities.

  3. Survey and map opportunities for planting street trees and create a phased and systematic plan for plantings along our streets and elsewhere in the City.

  4. Develop and regularly update recommended plant lists for specific types of plants (trees, vines, perennials, annuals, etc.), for types of properties (residential, commercial and public), and for a wide variety of habitats (sun/shade, wet/dry, roadway, or foundation plantings, etc.)

  5. Develop a low-care, bio-diverse demonstration landscape of native and other pollinator plantings to help educate people and promote this type of landscaping throughout Ellsworth's public and private green spaces.

(Partners: Ellsworth Garden Club, Master Gardener Volunteers, St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church)

Future Actions- Join Us to Make These Happen!

1. Assess gaps in our network of green spaces and corridors due to the absence of certain types of green space services (eg. dog park, handicapped accessibility) or inadequate neighborhood access to such spaces.

2. Appoint a qualified City Tree Commissioner and re-appoint the City’s Arbor Commission with an improved tree ordinance.

3. Inventory the City’s most valued trees (large, heirloom, rare, historic, memorial, etc).

4. Develop a City tree farm at Frenchman Bay Conservancy’s Jordan Homestead.

5. Refurbish the Riverwalk and urban hike behind the Public Library.

6. Coordinate and train a volunteer group as Friends of Ellsworth Green Spaces who can help with maintenance of and improvements to Ellsworth’s parks, trees and other green spaces, including the control of invasive species and surveys of native species and habitats.

7. Provide a series of public programs and workshops for public employees, commercial landscapers and private property owners on best practices relating to tree planting, pruning and care; rain gardens and green drainage control; yardscaping for pollinators and wildlife; managing invasive species; low-care, bio-diverse landscaping with native plants, etc.

More details can be found in the Land Chapter of the Green Plan.

Ellsworth Public Parks & Green Spaces

The Green Spaces and Trees Committee visited the parks below and others in Ellsworth as part of an initial site assessment. Click the links below to learn more about each park.